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2022 Startup Accelerator Trends
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2022 Startup Accelerator Trends

5 Startup Accelerator Trends in 2022

Brian McCarthy
May 18, 2022

How are we already halfway through 2022!

As the year has progressed we’ve noticed a number of trends emerging across the Startup Accelerators we work with from around the world.  Here’s a quick look at 5 key trends for Startup Accelerators in 2022: 

  1. Hybrid Accelerator Programs Are Here To Stay

The pandemic forced Accelerators to quickly move online. Everything from Founder mentoring to workshops had to be rapidly transformed & then delivered in a digital format.

While you can’t beat an in-person experience, it’s become clear that the digital-model is here to stay. One of the key drivers behind this trend are the time savings offered to both Founders and program managers by virtual delivery.

In 2022 Accelerator programs will continue to be delivered in either fully digital or a hybrid format, blending in-person sessions with virtual content, meetings and coaching.

  1. Press “Record” On Events

The rise of video conferencing has changed how Founders expect to access program content. 

In 2022 more Startup Founders are asking Accelerators to record events & workshops so that they can be accessed & watched again at a later date. 

This is a great thing to do and makes it possible to build a valuable content library to support your future cohorts & Founders.

  1. Startup Data Matters

Collecting & understanding Startup data has become a hot topic for Accelerator programs. The better the data you collect, the clearer the picture you can build around Startup performance and your actual program impact. 

These insights feed back into better program management, delivery and ultimately Startup outcomes. We see the trend of data-driven program management continuing to gain momentum throughout 2022 and beyond

  1. Mentoring Is No Longer Local

Mentoring delivers huge value to both Founders and Accelerator teams. Traditionally Accelerator programs often relied on local mentors to coach their cohort members, however covid (hello again) changed all that. When Accelerators were forced online it suddenly meant that mentors from almost anywhere in the world could dial and connect with founders.

In 2022 the trend of Accelerators recruiting mentors from outside their local area is set to continue. Broadening the potential pool of experts that can connect with and support your Startup Founders.

  1. Alumni Engagement Is Worth It

Demo day was often the last time that Accelerator teams would properly interact with a graduating cohort. While there are many reasons why this might happen, it is almost always a missed opportunity.

Accelerator Alumni can be a phenomenal source of value and are worth investing time in. Value includes:

  • Providing data in graduated Startup performance
  • Inviting Alumni Founders back to mentor future cohorts
  • Alumni can sometime become co founders or even employees of newer Startups
  • Alumni are often happy to share their experience & connections with new Founders
  • An engaged community is one of the best ways to boost your Accelerator profile and brand

In 2022 we see the trend of Alumni engagement continuing to improve and adding a huge amount of value back into both Accelerator programs and Startup ecosystems.


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Brian McCarthy

Brian is the cofounder & CEO of Accelerator Software

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