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We’ve been busy creating exciting new features to simplify Innovation Program management & delivery :)

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Accelerator Software is the All-in-One Accelerator Management Platform used by thousands of teams around the world. The platform is easy to use and centralises all of your program management needs in one powerful location. Check out some of our latest features below:

1) Community Discussion Boards 🤝

accelerator management software

It’s now easy to launch a Discussion Board for each of your program cohorts.

Discussion boards are easy to create and provide a powerful hub where participants can ask questions, share knowledge and benefit from each others experience. Each forum is easy to moderate and can be turned on/off depending on your needs.

2) Single-Touch Announcements 💬

accelerator software

Broadcast announcements to your entire community with a single touch. The new announcements feature makes it easy to publish resources to your community without the need to create email lists. Announcements can include:

  • Zoom meeting links
  • PDFs
  • Attachments
  • Updates

3) Innovation Course Builder 💡

incubator software

Build full education courses & best-practice roadmaps in a matter of minutes using the new in-platform Course Builder.

Courses makes it easy to build an incredibly scaleable library that can be tailored for each cohort and published to thousands of users.

Each course can include dynamic learning features such as:

  • Downloadable resources
  • Multi-media content
  • Embedded HTML
  • Time-locked content

4) Content Management System 📖

It’s time to say goodbye to scattered learning material.

You can now create an organised & searchable content library using the new Content Management System. It’s easy to create, store and share content with your community, including all of your key education materials in one location.

  • Create a searchable content library
  • Upload & embed resources
  • Set visibility rights foreach program
accelerator software

5) Survey Builder ✅

Capturing key data from your community is an important aspect of successful program management.

The new Survey Builder makes it easy to create reports and questionnaires that can be published directly to your audience in a matter of minutes. Create and publish key reports such as:

  • Program feedback
  • Startup traction
  • Financial data
  • Business updates


startup accelerator platform

Other Features:

Accelerator Software centralises all of your program management needs on one platform. In addition to the above updates the platform is home to a suite of powerful features including:

  • The Pre-loaded Startup Content Library
  • Application Management
  • Goal Setting & Tracking
  • Virtual Mentoring
  • White-labelling
  • File Sharing
  • Task Management
  • Community Directory
  • Custom Landing Pages

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