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Mentoring 2.0 Is Live - Throw Away Your Spreadsheets

Mentoring 2.0 Is Live - Throw Away Your Spreadsheets

Accelerator Software
May 8, 2021

Mentoring is one of the most powerful resources that Accelerator programs can provide to Startup founders. That's why we are so excited to announce the launch of Mentoring 2.0

The exchange of knowledge between mentors & founders is an important part of a Startup’s journey. Historically however, Startup Mentoring programs have been complicated to manage and Program managers have found themselves buried in mix of spreadsheets, calendars, emails and questionnaires. Anything that helped to get the job done.

"Time To Throw Away The Spreadsheets"

Mentoring 2.0 is a powerful new platform feature that makes it easy to manage and track the Startup mentoring process.

The software does all of the heavy lifting so that Program Managers, Mentors and Startup Founders can focus on each other.

Mentoring 2.0 is easy to use and is included as part of the Accelerator Software platform. Mentoring features include:

  • Mentor matching
  • Meeting notes
  • Progress tracking
  • Founder goal setting
  • Shareable resources
  • Relationship management
  • Central management dashboard

Accelerator Software is the all-in-one platform used by Startup Accelerator programs and thousands of teams across 12 countries.

The platform makes it easy to streamline your Accelerator program and includes a powerful suite of features including:

  • Accelerator program builder
  • Online learning system
  • Content management
  • Event Management
  • Discussion boards
  • Community directory
  • Application management

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Accelerator Software

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