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How to deliver your Accelerator program online during Covid-19

How to deliver your Accelerator program online during Covid-19

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August 11, 2020

Increasing travel restrictions due to Covid-19 mean that now is a good time to consider how innovation programs might be delivered online. 

At AcceleratorSoftware.io we work with programs from around the world, providing the vehicle they need to move online. We’ve put together a few points below to consider when you’re thinking of moving your program online.

Will You Deliver a ‘Blended’ Program or ‘Digital-only’ Program?

There are 2 popular ways to deliver innovation programs online.

I) Blended programs 

Blended programs combine real-world coaching with online learning content. They are usually delivered through a platform and include learning content, mentoring and tailored plans & tools for Founders.

In a recent Founder survey, 80% of respondents said they would choose a blended program over a digital-only alternative. This may explain why blended programs often experience higher engagement and results. 

ii) Digital-only programs 

‘Digital only’ programs exclusively deliver online learning content. Instead of mentoring and coaching, participants are often asked to self-assess or complete quizzes. This approach can be particularly suited to feeder programs / light-touch programs, rather than a hands Accelerator experience. 

Choose the right platform for online delivery

How you deliver your online program is going to have a huge impact on its success and how easy it is to deliver.

Historically teams have used a mix of LMS systems and shared drives to deliver online programs. This can work, however experienced program managers know that this can get complicated quickly for both participants and owners.

At AcceleratorSoftware.io we built a platform that takes Accelerator programs online with minimum effort. The platform centralises the entire program delivery journey and enables users to:

  • Design programs journeys
  • Upload multi-media content & libraries
  • Mentor Founders remotely
  • Onboard Startups & manage teams
  • Set Founder goals
  • Design custom plans for Founders
  • Centralise stakeholder management
  • Run performance reports & give feedback

Consider The Best Content Format(s) For Your Audience

Your online program will most likely include a blend of content formats. Consider who your audience are and which of the following format options might be most suitable:

  • Live streams / webinars
  • Text content
  • Audio / podcasts
  • Video tutorials
  • Downloadable files
  • Timelines / Gantt charts
  • Content libraries
  • Online pitching

Save The Content You Create & Build a Library

Virtual programs often stream masterclasses and send learning content to participants. Save these sessions & videos so they can be added to a library. In the future you will be able to reuse and capitalise on this valuable knowledge repeatedly.

Gather Data To Improve Your Program

Make sure that you can run reports on your cohorts using multiple data points. Capturing data such as listed below will help you to continuously review and iterate your program format and content for optimal performance:

  • User engagement
  • Demographics
  • Accountability
  • Founder Progress
  • Mentor activity
  • Content engagement

If you’re thinking of launching an online or blended innovation program feel free to get in touch. We work with innovation programs around the world and are always happy to chat and help you if we can.


Brian Mc

cofounder @ AcceleratorSoftware.io

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